Rebuilt Items & Core Charges

Rebuilt Items and Core Charges

Concours Parts supplies some rebuilt and restored items. There are CORE charges on most of those items.This is in addition to the cost of the rebuilt part. This is done to so that we can continue to recycle good cores, and we can continue to supply you with good quality rebuilt units. If we run out of cores we must have your core in advance so that we can rebuild it and return it to you.

All cores must be drained of all fluids, fully assembled with no missing parts.
They must be of the same type and model of rebuilt part supplied. No exceptions.

They must be in “rebuildable condition” With no broken parts, or missing bolts, or anything that would not allow future rebuilding.
No refunds will be issued until core has been returned to Concours Parts, and fully inspected by one of our
rebuilding experts! 

What is a “Core Charge”?
On many of our items, we must charge a refundable “Core Charge” when we sell it. This generally includes items such as carburetors, distributors, steering components, and other rebuilt items etc. “Core” is actually an acronym for “Cash on Return”. Cores are
rebuildable parts that can usually be redeemed for the amount of the original deposit price.  An acceptable core is one that is not broken, or so severely damaged beyond repair that it can no longer be repaired and rebuilt to proper working condition. A “Core Charge” is a deposit for the value of the core that is paid at the time you make the purchase. Core Charges are usually collected for items such as carburetors, distributors, steering components, and other rebuilt items etc. The Core Charge is refundable after we receive and inspect your old rebuildable core. Any damages to the cores or excess wear may result in a deduction of core value. To receive full core credit, the core you return must be the same model and part number as what was purchased. There is generally not a problem with core refunds. But if you are unsure if your core will meet our core return policy, then please call us at 800-722-0009 before you place your order. Cores should be shipped back to us within 30 days of purchase. The shipping cost for the return of the core is the responsibility of the customer.

Please ship all cores to: 
Concours Parts & Accessories
3655 Arrowhead Drive Suite 120
Carson City NV 89706