How to Find Authentic Classic Ford Parts for Your Car

Would you like to bring a tired old 1965 Galaxy to life? Maybe you want to restore a 1959 T-Bird or a vintage F100 pickup truck. You may need a lot of parts, and it is best to use authentic classic Ford parts for your vintage vehicle. Here are some of the ways you can buy parts and some important reasons to consider Concours Parts & Accessories.

Private Sales

If you check online or classified ads, you may find someone selling parts for your classic car. However, it is not easy to find parts this way, and the seller may have parts which have seen their better days.


Some salvage sources may carry authentic classic Ford parts. But do you want to restore your baby with used parts? If your car is over 50 years old, then used parts are about the same age and they may have very little use left in them. Some things like windshields and fenders may offer good value for the money, but most salvage yards today only carry late-model vehicle parts.

Online Auctions

If you check out online auctions, you may get lucky and find someone selling quality authentic classic Ford parts at a discount. However, the odds of finding what you want and need are slim.

Online Specialists

When you come to online specialists like Concours Parts & Accessories you can choose from a wide range of authentic classic Ford parts for your restoration needs. Download one of our catalogs to check out the many kinds of parts we have to offer. When you go to private sales, used parts suppliers, and online auctions you receive no guarantee with the parts. On the other hand, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our parts, and you can call us today at 1-800-722-0009 to find out more.