*Ford Galaxie 1960-1972

Ford Galaxie

From 1959 until 1974, over six million Ford Galaxies rolled off assembly lines and took to the road. Some of the most popular models appeared in 1964 and 1965, and you can get many Ford Galaxie parts at Concours Parts & Accessories.


The Galaxie got its name from the race to space between the US and Russia, as Ford sought to capitalize on its popularity. They needed a strong competitor for General Motors’ Chevrolet Impala. The Starliner appeared in 1960 and in ’62 you could buy a top of the line Galaxie 500/XL. In ’65 the 500/LTD came out, and the Galaxie had a new body style. A 240 L6 replaced the standard 221 engine, and the 427 V8 from 1964 was still available. For a perfect fit, check engines and body types when you buy your 1965 Ford Galaxie parts.


The 428 engine (345 horsepower) replaced the 427 engine, and the 500/LTD became the 500. The police interceptor (made for law enforcement) had a 360 horsepower version of the 428 V8.

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