*Ford Fairlane 1955 & Up

Classic Ford Fairlane

Ford Motor Company began production of the Fairlane in 1955. These full-sized cars were made to replace the Ford Crestline. Fairlane’s came in many styles like the Skyliner and in 1957 Ford produced the iconic hardtop convertible. Many of these classic Fairlane parts are available at Concours Parts & Accessories.


If you need 1955 Ford Fairlane parts, it is important to know which engine you have. For example:

  • 223 cubic inch – straight six
  • 272 cubic inch – V8
  • 292 cubic inch – Y block


In ’62 the Fairlane became an intermediate car somewhere between the full-size Galaxie and the compact Falcon. You may need 1962 Ford Fairlane parts, for your:

  • 170 cubic inch six – standard engine
  • 221 cubic inch V8 Windsor
  • 260 cubic inch V8
  • 289 V8 – available in 1963


In 1966, the Fairlane became full-size again, and Ford introduced the GT, GTA, and XL packages. The famous 289 V8 became the standard engine, and you could get a powerful 390 V8 in the GT with 335 horsepower. When you need 1966 Ford Fairlane parts, do not settle for cheap imitations for these classics.

Do you own a Fairlane? If so, restoring this vehicle requires some Ford Fairlane parts which are not always easy to locate. This is why Concours Parts & Accessories was created. We have many parts for your Fairlane, and they are the kind of parts you need for restoring your Ford to its original condition. Check out our catalog downloads or call us today at 1-800-722-0009 toll-free.