Flipbook – 58-66 Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird Parts from 1958-66

If you drive down the road and see a 55 T-bird, you may do a “double take.” The 55 T-bird has become one of the most sought-after classic sports cars in America. 1955 was the first year of the Ford Thunderbird, and if you can get your hands on a 50’s model T-bird, you have a true collector car. When you plan to restore an early model T-bird, you should consider authentic 56, 57, and 1958 Ford Thunderbird parts from a reliable supplier like Concours Parts & Accessories.

First Generation

Made from 1955 to 57, the first generation T-birds were true sports cars. They only seated two people. T-birds were built for performance and were the answer to General Motors Chevrolet Corvette. Many people feel the Thunderbird was only created to compete within the Corvette market.

The first generation Thunderbirds came out with V8 engines (198 horsepower in 1955 and 300 horsepower option in 1957). On the other hand, the first Corvettes had six-cylinder engines and offered the V8 as optional for 1955.

The T-bird Grows

By 1958 Ford made the Thunderbird bigger to capture a larger share of the market. The ‘58 version could seat four passengers instead of two. In 1965, the famous sequential rear turn signals appeared, and front disc brakes were standard equipment.

The Best Parts

Whether you need first generation or classic 1966 Thunderbird parts, Concours Parts & Accessories is here to serve your needs. Check out our available parts by clicking this catalog download link or calling toll-free 1-800-722-0009.