*Ford Thunderbird 1955-1966

Ford Thunderbird 1955-1966

Do you need 1955 Ford Thunderbird parts like a water pump? At Concours Parts & Accessories, we have the pump for your 292 cubic inch V8, and we can also give you a high output pump specially made for your T-bird. High output pumps increase your engine’s cooling power. These are only two of many 1955 T-bird parts we have to offer, and we can help you with Thunderbirds from 1955 to 1966 models.

Maybe you are looking for 1957 Thunderbird parts like a new generator. Ford stopped putting generators in their cars in the early 1960s, so these parts are not easy to find. When you choose Concours Parts & Accessories as your Thunderbird parts suppliers, you can get a completely rebuilt generator, pulley, mounting bracket, brushes, adjuster arm, connecting kit, and they are a perfect fit.

Hard to Find Parts

Do you need an inner right-hand front bumper bracket for your 1955 T-bird? Concours Parts & Accessories has many hard to find 1955 Ford Thunderbird parts like these. Maybe you have a missing fender skirt. We have what you need, and we also have fender skirt installation kits to simplify your restoration project.

The Importance of Experience

Maybe you need 1963 Thunderbird parts. We have been in the business of helping 1955-1966 classic T-bird owners restore their babies since the early ‘70s. Owner Larry Evenson has over sixty years of experience in the Ford parts business. Check out our online ordering or call us today to order parts or to talk to our parts experts about your restoration needs. The toll-free number is 1-800-722-0009.