Restore Your Beautiful Ford Galaxie From Concours Parts & Accessories

If you own a Ford Galaxie, you want your baby to look good and perform well. You may have a current restoration project, or maybe your car is a daily driver. Concours Parts & Accessories has many of the things you need and here are some great things we have for your Galaxie.


Did a previous owner install a different radio in the car? If you want your Galaxie to look authentic, you should consider a radio made for it. Our Ford Galaxie radios are made to perfectly fit and give your vehicle the vintage look of the 60s. Choose from several models of AM/FM stereo radios. They have original looking analog controls, but you can also connect an iPod, satellite radio, or cell phone for your listening pleasure as you drive.

Owner’s Manuals

There are several good reasons to order an owner’s manual for your Galaxie. Manuals are an important part of your restoration project because they have a lot of valuable information inside. They are inexpensive and give your car the look and feel of days gone by.

The Beauty of New Dash Covers

Over the years dash covers can fade, crack, and make your vehicle look tired and old. No restoration project is complete unless you dash look fresh and new. All the vinyl repair kits in the world cannot bring your dash back to its original condition but a new dash cover will. Even though our covers only come in black, you can dye them to suit your needs.

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone restoring a lovely Ford Galaxie from the 60s or early 70s? Consider Concours Parts & Accessories gift certificates. They are a great way to remember someone and give them something they are sure to appreciate. Call 1-800-722-0009 soon for more information.