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Ford® Script
Replacement Halogen Bulbs

B8AZ-13007-AE    LOW BEAM  5 ¾”   $31.95ea
B8AZ-13007-BE    HIGH BEAM  5 ¾”  $31.95ea
13007-ER     LOW/HIGH BEAM  7”      $29.95ea

5 3/4” Round High/Low & 5 ¾”High Beam, along with 7” Halogen Sealed Beam Headlamps feature authentic Ford markings and upgraded Halogen performance.

These are a reproduction of a very desirable and rare version headlamp used on most classic Fords in mid 1950’s and 1960’s. They took NOS new original Ford® bulbs and duplicated them in appearance while improving them with Halogen lighting technology. Halogen headlamps produce more than double the lighting power of original Tungsten bulbs. Perfect for drivers, a great safety improvement while maintaining an original look. Over the years Ford® offered two FoMoCo® script versions: one sand blasted etched logo, and the other a prominent reverse raised FoMoCo® logo about 7/8” wide. These are the rare, highly sought reverse raised logo versions, which are more attractive and easier to read. Featuring a dual filament bulb with a 50 watt low beam and a 55 watt high beam. Fits most Fords and Mercury’s including: 1956-1970 full-size; 1962-70 Fairlane; 1967-71 Ranchero; 1968-71 Torino; 1960-70 full-size Mercury. These are replacement bulbs, not
exact replicas.