*Ford Torino 1968-1971

Ford Torino

In 1968, the Ford Torino debuted to North American customers, and it was a strong competitor in the intermediate car market for several years. When sales lagged, Ford discontinued the Torino in 1976, but Ford Torino parts were readily available for many years afterward. The Ford Torino got its name from Turin, an Italian city famous for its automotive manufacturing facilities.

68-71 Torino

Concours Parts & Accessories is your Ford Torino parts sales source for 1968 through 1971 Torinos. These are some of the most in-demand models, and many people are restoring these classics. After Ford Motor Company starting producing the Torino, they began phasing out the Fairlane. In 1968, the Torino was a sub-model of the Fairlane by but 1970 the Fairlane was a Torino sub-model.

The new 1971 Ford models no longer included Falcons or Fairlanes, as Torino had taken over. Many 1970 Ford Torino parts are interchangeable with 1970 Fairlanes. In 1968, the Torino was essentially a Fairlane 500XL, and the 500XL GT was now the Torino GT. They are also known as Fairlane Torino GT.

Ford made limited edition muscle cars like the Talladega and King Cobra Torinos, as well as the Torino Cobra with its 335 horsepower V8.

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